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Mary Sudar prides herself on being able to develop an effective and appropriate approach to diverse appraisal situations.

After nearly 30 years as a personal property appraiser, she has been faced with a number of challenging scenarios: disgruntled heirs, sparring spouses, individuals facing a major lifestyle change, property owners confronted with the loss of treasured heirlooms.

But with calm and attentive professionalism and an unbiased, yet empathetic approach, she can help her clients find the answers to their valuation questions.

Mary Sudar Appraisals and Estate Sales has decades of experience working with the valuation of personal property in a variety of situations, including the following:

  • Estates ♦ Fair Market Value appraisals for probate, division or marketing
  • Dissolution / Divorce ♦ Fair Market Value appraisals for equitable distribution of assets
  • Downsizing ♦ Fair Market Value appraisals to determine current market worth of excess personal property
  • Charitable Donation ♦ Fair Market Value appraisals of donated goods, written to IRS standards and specifications
  • Insurance ♦ Comparable Replacement Value appraisals to determine adequate coverage for scheduled items
  • Diminution of Value ♦ Insurance appraisals to determine diminution of value after a loss

Depending on the appraisal's intended purpose, Mary usually applies one of the following approaches to value:

  • Market comparison ♦ the study of sales of comparable items in the appropriate marketplace in order to determine their value. This is probably the most commonly used approach in most personal property appraisals
  • Cost / replication cost ♦ often used for unique items for which comparables may be difficult to locate, such as custom-made pieces or original artwork by living artists. Perhaps most commonly used for insurance appraisals.
  • Income ♦ more rarely used in personal property appraisals but may be applicable in the case of items which can generate an income flow: vintage clothes which can be rented, photographs which can be reproduced for a fee, etc.